Plate Laying

Our latest design gives us the ability to put your tie plates at any location with any orientation that suits the needs you have with one machine. Tie plates can be dropped on every tie, every tie and cribbing, or even 2 plates per tie. Tie plates can be laid off the head of the tie, on the head of the tie, inside the gauge to either side, or in the center of the gauge. Tie plates can be laid parallel or perpendicular to the rail. We can lay the tie plates right side up or upside down. Should you have a preference to drop the tie plate high side or low side, in or out we can accomplish that also.


  • We have reduced the headcount of employees it takes to operate a tie plate distribution truck with this set up
  • Our latest attachment design for our truck to distribute tie plates
  • Exact placement of the tie plate on the tie with 100% accuracy
  • This design eliminates the risk of placing out too many or too few tie plates for the rail team. Thus, eliminating the need to ever have plates brought out to the rail team because of a shortage or having to pick-up extra plates after the rail team has completed the project
  • Precision placement allows the rail team to utilize all of the employees available to replace the rail instead of sending employees ahead of the team to straighten up plates as they currently do. We are increasing the rail team production daily because employees can start the day on their primary tasks at hand, instead of having to perform multiple work functions


  • Built specifically for the concrete to wood tie change out projects, this design uses the technology of the TPS1 but on a frame with programing to release tie plates from 2 shoots onto the heads of the tie
  • Using the TPS 2 inside of the Tie gang for concrete change out projects we reduce the risk of employee injury, as employees do not need to use plate hooks to move the tie plates from scattered placement throughout the ballast rock. We reduced the labor intense nature of the process prior to the TPS2

T 32 plate truck
plates laid center